Isabella Giua earned her Holistic Health Practitioner and Humanistic Bachelors Degrees in the U.S. Througout her studies she learnt holistic methods, which integrate the human being in its totality- as an intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual being.

This holistic approach helps the person work in an integrated manner the obstacles and challenges that are presented in ones life in order to learn from them. By paying attention and understanding the potential that lies in each one of those challenges, the person begins to work through his issues as he acquires a greater sympathy for himself. As layers of unresolved issues are worked through, the person starts to feel lighter, more joyful, at peace with himself and loving as he reconnects to his true identity or reconnects to what I call Sense Of Self (SOS).

During those 7 years in the United States, Isabella had the privilege of meeting Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, psychiatrist and specialist in everything that deals with the subject of death and loss of a loved one. Isabella learned the technique of externalization of emotions created by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross to work on the theme of ‘loss’.

SOS Individual:

It consists of 1 hour of individual counseling in person or through Skype. 

In SOS Individual, Isabella guides the person so he can understand and learn from the challenges he is living at the moment. Isabella assists the person so he can clarify and integrate the conflicts with practical solutions. 

During the session the person not only tells what needs to be expressed but also performs exercises and visualizations that help ease the burden inside.

In SOS Individual we also work through the emotions that need to be expressed – whether it is sadness and/or anger. As the person expresses their repressed emotions he starts to express his true identity or  Sense Of Self (SOS).

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