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Hi SOSouls,

Today February 25th, 2012 I am back in Buenos Aires, Argentina after an amazing 2 month trip in the USA!

It all started New Year in Los Angeles, California where I did again Bryon Kathie’s workshop ‘Mental Cleanse‘, then headed to San Diego where I stayed for 2 weeks at Optimum Health Institute to do a body cleanse eating all raw, organic food. See picture below of me juicing!

After that went to Clearwater in Florida to help out a Canadian friend who had the same parasites I used to have: Blastocystis Hominis. While I was there we ordered the same 3 antibiotics from Australia which I took that helped me kill -for good- my Blastos. It takes a month or so to kill them after one takes the antibiotics, so he is still in the middle of the process, but once he is done I will post some videos in YouTube about his process!  

After Clearwater, I flew to Miami where there I had an amazing end of trip. I invite you to go to YouTube and type ‘isabellagiua‘ and you will find several FUN videos of myself, injoying my NEW HEALTH in Miami! =)

I hope you them as much as I did recording them and would love to hear your comments!

Sending you LIGHT your way,

All.ways evolving,

Isabella Giua

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