I AM PARASITE – Blastosystis Hominis- FREE!

Hi You All,

Below I copied the e.mail I sent today December 3rd, 2011 to The Center For Digestive Diseases in Australia who created a treatment to irradicate for good PARASITES : Blastocystis Hominis and Dientameba.

I dedicate my path to finding the ‘right’ medication to all the people/children  out there who experience symptoms and don’t know it might be due to a parasitic infection.

My 6 years amazing journey to kill the parasites taught me a few things which I would like to share with you:

1) how little doctors and society know about this,

2) how many people have parasites and don’t know they are living with the enemy,

3) how bad stool tests are here in Buenos Aires hospitals (here in Argentina the only Doctor that does PRECISE Parasitic Test is: Dr. GARAGUSO) and heard from friends in the USA that a there too, they are not precise. (please check Tab: Precise Stool Tests Lab to find a center in your country.) Note: if you know a precise stool test lab in your country please e.mail me so I can add it to the listing.

Hope my site provides some light to such an oscure and unkown subject as being infected with PARASITES.

All.ways Evolving,

Isabella Giua



Dear Ana,

Hi I am Isabella Giua from Argentina, Buenos Aires!

I am delighted to tell you that after taking The Center For Digestive Diseases’ 3 antibiotic treatment this last June 14th until June 24th, yesterday, -December 2nd- got my  test results and they showed I am NEGATIVE! I AM PARASITE FREE!

I can not tell you how happy I am as I WAS A VERY INTENSE CASE. How do I know ? Due to the intensity and length of my symptoms! After taking the 3 antibiotics I experienced symptoms for 2 months but never gave up! I knew the antibiotic were killing the Blasotcystis Hominis big time and they were going wild!

I did keep record of all of my 2 months symptoms ordeal. Below I just copied a few days so you get an idea of what I went through. (…)

Once again thank you so much for having created this treatment which saved my life and of course for J. recommending me your treatment!


Did I say THANK YOU? =)

Send you all my love, joy and gratitude,
Isabella Giua

SYMPTOMS experienced by Isabella Giua: From  Saturday, JUNE 24th  until Sunday, AUGUST 21st  2011

What were the symptoms I was feeling for nearly 2 months?

Throat pain, night sweats, nose bleeding, skin itching, skin rashes, itching behind my knees, hemorrhoids, needle pain/burning sensation anus,  depression, body exhaustion, nightmares, sensation of feverish, spine pain, need for extra oxygen around 2 am – would wake up, go out to the balcony and take deep breaths.

All or nothing relationship with food. If I touched food I didn´t stop until I felt abdominal pain. No desire whatsoever to eat nutritious food. Craved for 3 days in a row sugar and carbs (‘large’ quantities). When I say ‘large’ I mean an amount that my body never asks for when I am having a non-parasitic day. Intolerance to loud people, loud noises, fast driving cars.

June 26th  until June 30th 2011:

I kept having lots of symptoms: extreme sensitivity to loud noises, people, paint, smoke, humidity. I had skin and vagina itching after eating any sugar. I felt ‘stuffed’ unable to eat for long periods of time. Needed extra oxygen at night. I would wake up around 2am and open my apartment’s window and breathe deeply. I also went to the gym to oxygenate my body. Periods throughout the day where I would feel extreme tiredness.

August 2nd until August 9th, 2011:
After that ‘symptom free day’ I thought it was over….that I was not going to experience more symptoms as the medication had killed the Blastocystis Hominis.

But I was wrong and I was about to experience the worst of all the symptoms: It started at 8am on Tuesday 2nd having ANUS NEEDLE/BURNING like pain which will last for a week. The pain was so excruciating that some nights I just couldn’t sleep. I was taking medicine for hemorrhoids but it wasn`t helping. Then, the doctor gave me a crème for hemorrhoids to soothe my burning pain- still wasn`t calming the pain. Only ice would numb my pain. I was not sleeping at night!
By the 8th day tired that I still had the burning sensation in my anus and nothing was calming the pain, I called my clinical doctor -who has been following my case for the past 6 years. He said, ‘I can prescribe you an anesthetic crème.’ Desperately and with tears in my eyes I replied, “Anything doc, anything that would calm the pain!” That night I tried the crème and it was heaven…NO PAIN whatsoever, the crème had calm the firy sensation and for the 1st night in 9 days I was able to sleep 7 hours in a row!

August 10th thru 20th, 2011:
Now that the burning pain was gone I started having other symptoms throughout the month: Toes infection, still night sweats, depression, feelings of self-hate, sugar cravings, vomiting, nightmares about parasite and sugar binging.

LAST E.MAIL I sent to ‘ The Centre for Digestive Diseases:

June 16th, 2011
Dear A.,

Just to let you know I got the medication here in Buenos Aires, Argentina last week. It arrived in perfect condition directly to my door and no need to pay any extra charges! (like taxes)

Thank you so very much!

I started the treatment last night so I will keep you posted how everything comes out after I retest in a month times to see if the medication irradicated for good all the B. H.

Best Regards,
Isabella Giua


Response to my e.mail by the Centre for Digestive Diseases

June 16ht, 2011

Dear Isabella,

Many thanks for letting me know that the medications arrived safely to you and with no extra costs too.

I do hope that the treatment is successful and please do let us know how you get on.

Kind Regards,
Registered Nurse

Medications Department
Centre for Digestive Diseases
Phone: +61 2 9370 0044
Fax:       +61 2 9713 1026
Email:   medications@cdd.com.au

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